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Sarah Trenfield

CDT student, UCL School of Pharmacy


Sarah Trenfield

Sarah qualified with a first class honours MPharm degree from Cardiff University in 2015. She undertook a pre-registration pharmacist year at Merck, Sharpe and Dohme (MSD) split with Guy's and St. Thomas' Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. At MSD, Sarah's main projects involved investigating the root causes of scuffing on film-coated tablets, as well as authoring a book chapter on formulation selection in first-in-human clinical trials. In 2016, Sarah successfully registered as a pharmacist and begun the CDT scheme at UCL. Sarah's first mini-project with the CDT was titled 'Metal organic frameworks as novel vaccine adjuvants'. Sarah then completed a placement at Pfizer where she worked on 'The evaluation of compression force on coated pellets in orally-disintegrating tablets'. Sarah is now undertaking her PhD in 3D printing of solid oral dosage forms, supervised by Prof. Abdul Basit and Prof. Simon Gaisford.

Current Research

PhD Project Title: Development of 3D printing technology for in-situ verification of dose

Supervisor: Prof Abdul Basit

Project description: Sarah's PhD is focussed on 3D printing of solid oral dosage forms. In particular, this project aims to investigate and implement a non-destructive method for drug identification and quantification in 3D printed tablets. The main aims of Sarah's project include the following: 1) Examine a range of in-situ analytical techniques that could be incorporated into a 3D printer platform (e.g. NIR/Raman spectroscopy, balances, colorimetric methods); 2) Modify the 3D printer to include the analytical techniques described; 3) Demonstrate that the modified printer is fit-for-purpose by manufacturing a range of dosage forms and devices. This project will contribute towards establishing an acceptable means of quality control for 3D printed pharmaceuticals, which is a current barrier to clinical integration.


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